Factors Influencing Microvascular Complications among Persons with Type 2 Diabetes

  • Saifone Moungkum
  • Pornpan Srisopa
  • Wanlapa Kunsongkeit
  • Panicha Ponpinij
  • Chutima Chantamit-O-Pas
  • Chaicharn Deerochanawong
Keywords: Microvascular, complications, type 2 diabetes mellitus


The purpose of this cross-sectional descriptive study was to examine the prevalence of
microvascular complications and determining factors influencing microvascular complications among
persons with type 2 diabetes. Data were collected from 350 patients with type 2 diabetes, who
received the cares at the diabetes clinics from eleven public hospitals, Eastern region of Thailand. The
data were analyzed by means of descriptive statistics, and binary logistic regression analysis.
The results revealed that the prevalence rate of microvascular complications were 67.43
(95 %CI: 62.49 - 72.36). Among diabetic patients with microvascular complications, 62% had diabetic
kidney disease, 16.86 and 2.85 % were diabetic retinopathy and peripheral neuropathy, respectively.
There were associations between the following variables: age, duration of diabetes, HbA
prehypertension, triglycerides level, and the complications as such with statistical signifcance
(p <. 05). Participants over age sixty had about 13.12 times the risk of microvascular complications
(OR = 13.12, 95% CI: 2.11 - 81.49) compared to participants younger than 39 years old. Those with
type 2 diabetes for over 20 years showed a 7.47 times greater chance of microvascular complications
than those with diabetes of shorter duration (OR = 7.74, 95% CI: 1.77 - 31.58). Those with HbA
above 8% had a lower chance of microvascular complications compared to those with HbA
less than 7% (OR = 0.44, 95% CI: 0.22 - 0.87). Participants with high level of triglyceride showed a 2.15
times of microvascular complications (OR = 2.15, 95% CI: 1.20 - 3.85) than those with normal level.
Moreover, those with prehypertension showed a lower chance of microvascular complications than
those with normal blood pressure (OR = 0.26, 95% CI: 0.08 - 0.86).
The fndings provide signifcant information for health care providers in developing precise
interventions, targeting patients with early-diagnosed diabetes mellitus, to prevent microvascular
complications including diabetic kidney disease, diabetic retinopathy, and diabetic neuropathy, and
to delay occurrences of complications by early screening in high-risk patients


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