Factors Predicting Quality of Work Life Among Professional Nurses at Sub-district Health Promotions Hospitals in Eastern Region

  • Manowan Makma
  • Suwanna Junprasert
  • Nisakorn Krungkraipetch
Keywords: quality of work life, professional nurse, sub-district health promoting hospitals


Quality of work life is a satisfaction measure based on the mindset of the employee towards
the work, participation in the work, and work’s providing the basic needs to live happily. This research
aimed to study the factors predicting quality of work life among professional nurses at sub-district
health promoting hospitals in eastern region of Thailand. The multi-stage random sampling yielded
145 professional nurses in sub-district health promoting hospitals professional nurses in the eastern
region. The questionnaire gathered personal data and data on working conditions and quality of work
life. The Cronbach’s alpha coeffcient for quality of work life was .97. The data were analyzed using
descriptive statistics and stepwise multiple regression.
The research found that the nurses’ quality of work life was being at a medium-to-high level
(M = 3.50, SD = 0.56). Factors related to and predicting quality of work life of professional nurses were:
sickness status (Sickness); support from supervisors (Train), and support from the community (Comsupp).
The fndings could predict 28.8% of the quality of working life. Sickness status had the most predictive
influence (β = -.44), followed by support from supervisors (β = .30), and then support from the community (β = -.28), per this equation:
QOWL = 3.21 -.52 (Sickness) + .05 (Train) + .42 (Comsupp)
This research contributes to the ability to predict and improve the quality of work life for
professional nurses at sub-district health promoting hospitals, and suggests guidelines for developing
programs to improve the quality of working lives for these nurses.


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