Predictors of Care Readiness for Persons with Psychiatric Illness in Family Caregivers, Chonburi Province

  • Anocha Tassanatanachai
  • Pichamon Poonnotok
  • Wannarat Lawang
  • Surapa Suksawat
  • Rachanee Sunsern
Keywords: attitude toward caring, care readiness, family caregivers, psychiatric illness


Family caregivers are essential resources in the long-term care system for persons with
psychiatric illness. This predictive correlational research aimed to describe care readiness and to
determine factors influencing the care readiness among family caregivers for persons with psychiatric
illness. Multi-stage cluster random sampling was used to recruit 310 family caregivers of persons with
psychiatric illness in Chonburi province. Research instruments were interviews measuring basic
information, perceived severity of illness, caregiver’s resilience quotient, attitude toward care,
perception of care burden, positive caregiving aspects, and care readiness. Descriptive statistics and
stepwise multiple regression were used to analyze the data.
The results revealed that the care readiness of family caregivers for persons with psychiatric
illness, overall and in each dimension, were rated at a moderate level. The care attitude, health
problems, caregiver’s age, positive caregiving aspects, and receiving training together explained 40.2%
of the variance in readiness to care for persons with psychiatric illness (R2 =. 40.2, F = 40.861, p <.001).
These fndings suggest that nurses and other health personnel should develop programs to
promote family caregivers’ readiness to care for persons with psychiatric illness through increasing
positive attitudes toward care, improving positive caregiving aspects, and providing training, especially
for elderly caregivers and those with health problems. Consequently, quality of care would be improved and positive outcomes would be enhanced for persons with psychiatric illness and their


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