Thai Cultural Understandings of Active Ageing from the Perspectives of Older Adults: A Qualitative Study

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Kattika Thanakwang
Sang-arun Isaramalai
Urai Hattakit


                 Activeageing is an important aspect facilitating life quality for older adults. Researchon active ageing has grown over recent decades but the knowledge base of activeageing continues to be based overwhelmingly on Western studies. Asian eldersmay have a distinctly different perspective from Westerners concerning themeaning of active ageing. Little is known about the ways older persons view ordefine active ageing in Thai context. This study focused on the characteristicsof active ageing among older Thai adults. A descriptive, qualitative approach was employed and datacollected in focusgroups and in-depth interviews with 64 community-dwelling adults aged 60 andover. Participants were recruited from four provinces in the four regions ofThailand, that is North, Northeast, Central, and South. Data were analyzedusing content analysis.

                 This study helped build an understanding of what active ageing means by asking thisof older adults. Six themes of active ageing were identified as beingself-reliant; being actively engaged with society; growing spirituality; maintaining healthy lifestyle; being active learners; and managing later lifesecurity. The perceptions of active ageing among the Thai elderly involvedhealth, social participation, and security in life, which are also the three key pillars ofactive ageing suggested by World Health Organization. When compared to researchin a Western context, some of the dimensions of Thai active ageing weredistinct, specifically growing spirituality and managing later life security,while others were overlapping.

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Thanakwang K, Isaramalai S- arun, Hattakit U. Thai Cultural Understandings of Active Ageing from the Perspectives of Older Adults: A Qualitative Study. PRIJNR [Internet]. 2014 Mar. 19 [cited 2022 Oct. 1];18(2):152-65. Available from:
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