Nurses’ Perceptions of Outcomes of Quality of Care in Thai Nursing Homes: A Qualitative Study




Nursing Homes, Outcomes of care, Qualitative description, Quality of care, Registered nurses


The quality of care in nursing homes is distinctive and vital due to the unique characteristics and individual needs of older adults and dependent residents. This study aimed to describe the quality of care outcomes in nursing homes in Thailand. Qualitative description was applied to interview ten registered nurses working in several private nursing homes using semi-structured questions, observation, and audio recordings. Participants were selected through purposive and snowball sampling. Data analysis was conducted utilizing content analysis, and trustworthiness was ensured through member checking and peer debriefing. The findings revealed six major themes perceived by nurses as indicative of quality care in nursing homes: Physical well-being, Psycho-cognitive status, Social well-being, Nutrition and fluid intake status, Safety and health risks, and Satisfaction. These findings suggest that nursing home nurses must provide care emphasizing the residents’ overall well-being, minimize risks, improve safety measures, and increase satisfaction to achieve quality of care. Among these themes, the status of nutrition, fluid intake, safety, and health risks can cause life-threatening conditions. So, the study provides a guideline for quality improvement in nursing homes. Moreover, future research should describe the outcomes from the perspectives of residents, relatives, or caregivers to extend the phenomenological insight.


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