The incidence and early oral cancer screening of Krabi Province in 2010

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This study aimed to study the incidence of oral cancer in Krabi province and to evaluate the various risk factors affecting the incidence of oral cancer. This descriptive study were collected data during May to September, 2010. The sample population consisted of 371 samples (more than 18 years old) who received dental services in 8 dental clinics of public hospitals in Krabi by purposive sampling technique The sample tissue will be inspected in accordance with the instructions in the oral examination for oral cancer and dental personnel. The interview about various risk factors by dentists trained in oral cancer screening from experts. The results showed that the incidence of oral cancer was 0.47 per hundred thousand population in Krabi Province. Oral cancer incidence in male and female were 0.47 per hundred thousand population. And by the age group 60 years with the incidence of oral cancer was 5.54 per hundred thousand population. From oral cancer screening find out oral precancerous 23.08 % and oral cancer 15.38% with Squamous cell carcinoma. Thus, it should be screened for oral cancer in the age group from 40 years old with a history of smoking and/or alcohol and chewing betel nut to reduce mortality rate from oral cancer in the future.


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