Connectivism Learning Activity in Ubiquitous Learning Environment by Using IoE for Digital Native

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Kritsupath Sarnok
Panita Wannapiroon


              This research study aims to 1) develop a Connectivism learning activity in Ubiquitous learning environment by using IoE for Digital Native. 2) To evaluate the developed learning model. The research samples 12 participants, namely 6 instructional design experts and 6 ICT for education experts. The instrument used in the study was evaluation form. Mean and Standard Deviation were used to analyse data. The results of the study showed that learning activities based on the concept of Connectivism in the Ubiquitous Learning Environment combined with the use of IoE technology for Digital Native consist of 7 steps including 1) Planning, 2) Accessing, 3) Thinking, 4) Connecting, 5) Deciding, 6) Creating and 7) Showing & Sharing. The evaluation of learning styles was found at very good level ( = 4.66, SD = 0.41).


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