Cycling Tourism Situation in Songkhla Special Economic Zone

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Parichat Singsaktrakul
Umaporn Muneenam


              This research article studies the cycling tourism situation in the Songkhla Special Economic Zone. Data were collected from relevant documents and observations, including interviews from various sectors comprising 29 respondents from local administrative organizations, related government authorities, tourism entrepreneurs, and bicycle clubs. These qualitative data were then using narrative analysis. The study found that local administrative organizations and government authorities in the study area had set plans related to cycling tourism; such as, providing bike lanes in the main tourist attraction areas, and improving the landscape, attractions and facilities for cycling tourists. Items of interest for cycling tourists in this Zone consisted of natural and cultural attractions that cyclists could access. Facilities found there were various forms of accommodation, with prices being not too high. Although there were many bicycle parking areas, there is still a lack of specific facilities for cycling tourists; such as, bicycle maintenance tools, cleaning places, and information services concerning cycling tourism. Food shops, stores, bike shops, and bike repair shops could be found, but they were mostly situated in the town itself or in the main tourist attraction area, but not in the cycling routes area. Moreover, there were no bike-lane signs or friendly route signs showing information concerning bicycle paths, tourism programs, activities or bike route maps. According to this cycling tourism situation above, a further in-depth study is required to understand the requirements of the cycling tourists in the area to improve cycling tourism developments appropriate to the situation and the needs of these tourists.

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Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts


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