Preface - The Chairman of Medical Staff Organization Committee, Bangkok Hospital Group

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Pongsak Viddayakor, MD


“This is the place where advances in medicine are met with compassion”.

With regard to the above mentioned philosophy of this hospital, our strength of purpose in bringing this idea to fruition has never faded away. Over the last 40 years, we have never stopped striving to establish ourselves not only as an excellent hospital but as a “Home of Medical Care”.

In order to realize this goal of becoming a “Home of Medical Care“, compassion must walk hand in hand with medical science. Unquestionably, our physicians, nurses, medical practitioners and personnel should be highly proficient in the practice of medical science, but that they also develop appropriate attitudes is crucial. They need to exhibit compassion and demonstrate caring approaches, in order to give heartfelt empathetic care to patients.

A systematic approach to the delivery of excellent healthcare in the 21st Century differs considerably from approaches used in the past, due to continued advances in technology and the borderless world  of today. Taking care of the patients, requires a process-based quality management system, and patient safety quality management tools. Knowledge is considered the most precious asset of organizations, and “Knowledge Sharing” is one such tool that will never become obsolete; it remains essential for all organizations, especially the healthcare concerns, where precise and accurate information is vital. Using knowledge management as a tool, sharing knowledge, techniques and methodology, will create more opportunities for the members of our organization as well as assisting them to develop expertise and wisdom.

It is our wish that this edition of “The Bangkok Medical Journal” will lead to great opportunities for medical professionals and all other parties concerned, in exchanging profound knowledge and experience about technical matters, together with practices for excellent patient care. We believe that this way of knowledge sharing is not only of great relevance to the wider medical community; it will further strengthen our organization to be a real “Home of Medical Care” and will enable us to continue to giving valuable benefits to the patients we serve.

I wish to extend my most sincere thanks and appreciation to the journal team and to everyone who contributed and dedicated themselves to this publication. May you all continue to uphold the philosophy and best practices of our organization.

Pongsak Viddayakorn, MD.


Chairman Medical

Staff Organization Committee

The Bangkok Hospital Group

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL. 


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