Preface - The Vice Chairman of Medical Staff Organization Committee, Bangkok

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Chatree Duangnet, M.D. FAAP, FACMQ


A hospital should not be only a place for providing healthcare but a “Hospital” should be “a place of compassionate and admirable medical care hospitality” provided by proficient physicians, medical practitioners and personnel, with advanced medical technology and facilities.

To become a place of compassionate and admirable medical care hospitality, the hospital must have proficiency in delivering the highest quality medical care service, training and developing physicians, nurses, medical practitioners including personnel effectively, and managing an organization professionally. To achieve this, the organization needs constant improvement and development; both in managerial, medical, and technical knowledge. Thus; learning organizational culture has to be primarily built and developed by applying a so-called tool “Knowledge Management (KM)” and the Research and Development (R & D), to indoctrinate habit and culture in searching and sharing knowledge. KM and Research processes will enable us to have fast access to precise information and knowledge, enhance our analytical conceptual thinking skill, enable us to analyze in-depth and solve specific problems, guide us to the right decision-making, particularly on the subjects which directly impact patients’ life and safety, which has to be based on accurate evidence.They allow us to learn how to explore the development opportunities available in our organization which we can make use of for long term development.

I am proud to welcome all of you to the first edition of “The Bangkok Medical Journal”. I am confident that you will find this journal to be of great value as this worthwhile journal delivers readers a diverse set of selected, interesting articles, case reports and review that canvass a range of issues which can be applied in enhancing a better quality of patient care.

In this connection, I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to everyone who dedicated and sacrificed their time to deliver expertise, effort, and contribution to this publication,   and I would welcome your participation and contributions in this journal.

Chatree Duangnet, M.D. FAAP, FACMQ


Vice Chairman

Medical Staff Organization Committee

The Bangkok Hospital Group

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL.


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