Deep Medicine How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again

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Varut Wiseschinda


The author stated that we are now in the world of ‘shallow medicine’, where there are plenty of misdiagnosis and unnecessary procedures. Shallow evidence is obtained from inadequate examination and fast medication, caused by the doctor’s heavy reliance on automated, quick, effortless thinking that leads to misdiagnosis and medical error. A doctor could have spent more of his time talking and listening to the patient rather than typing and inputting information into a computer.

This book emphasizes how AI can make medicine better. These include distinguishing depression disorders from a healthy patient by processing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, signal processing from wearable sensors to create treatment plans, extracting useful information from medical records by natural language processing, and making disease risk predictions using deep learning algorithm. Most importantly, AI gives physicians more time to restore healthcare. I would recommend this book to medical practitioners wanting to learn on how AI can be a promising solution, and to AI developers wanting to learn from practical examples of implementing AI into healthcare systems, from a medical practitioner’s perspective. By working together, AI can create not just healthier individuals, but a healthier society


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