Various Techniques on Distinct Cases of Tracheal Stenosis

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Sawang Saenghirunvattana, MD
Vitoon Pitiguagool, MD
Chokchai Suwanakijboriharn, MD
Pakorn Pupipat, MD
Maria Christina Gonzales, RN
Kritsana Sutthisri, BSc
Chitchamai Siangproh, BSc
Wannipa Kodkaew, RN
Assarin Inkum, BSc
Vimonsiri Matitopanum, BSc


Narrowing of the airway caused by several factors is a serious condition manifesting different  signs and symptoms. Immediate attention is needed and treatment must be performed as this is a  life-threatening condition. In the past decade, there have been massive advancements in the management  of airway stenosis. Some of these are stent placement, tracheal reconstruction and tumor debulking. This article focuses on six different cases with distinct strategies in conducting treatment.


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Saenghirunvattana S, Pitiguagool V, Suwanakijboriharn C, Pupipat P, Gonzales MC, Sutthisri K, Siangproh C, Kodkaew W, Inkum A, Matitopanum V. Various Techniques on Distinct Cases of Tracheal Stenosis. BKK Med J [Internet]. 2014 Sep. 20 [cited 2023 Dec. 4];8(1):44. Available from:
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