Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease Oxford Textbook in Clinical Neurology

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Yunyong Thungcharoen, MD


This is a recently-published text book that every neurologist or neuroscientist should have as a reference text  to improve their understanding, and treatment, of stroke. This book includes a comprehensive review of the epidemiology of stroke, with a review of stroke trials and results worldwide. The book refers to the risk factors associated with stroke, and measures to prevent stroke from occurring. The latest information on how to manage acute and secondary stroke is given. The authors are well known international researchers and neurologists with extensive  experience in the field of stroke management and cerebrovascular diseases. They provide a current, up to date and  comprehensive overview of the disease, including clinical features and treatment. I highly recommend this publication  to all neurologists, researchers, psychiatrists, specialists, and nurses. They will obtain valuable information from this book, which is an excellent reference to provide insight and advice to our stroke patients.


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