A Review of Nurses’ Turnover Rate: Does Increased Income Solve the Problem of Nurses Leaving Regular Jobs

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Rungarun Gaesawahong, RN, PhD (HRD)


Evidence of a high rate of nurse turnover is a serious problem in the health care system. From the author’s experience, in order to retain nurses in their career, the administrator should study the real problems by multilevel from individual, interpersonal, job, organization and nation. A positive environment creates a highly successful rate which are a culture of an organization, climate, stress factors, staffing ratio, career development program as well as reward and recognition.


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Gaesawahong R. A Review of Nurses’ Turnover Rate: Does Increased Income Solve the Problem of Nurses Leaving Regular Jobs. BKK Med J [Internet]. 2015 Feb. 20 [cited 2023 Nov. 29];9(1):76. Available from: https://he02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/bkkmedj/article/view/221104
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