Acute Colicky Abdominal Pain Caused By Drug Abuse

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Jaturong Amornrattanakosol, MD
Chirotchana Suchato, MD


The frequency of seizures in many female epilepsy patients can be affected by theirmenstruation cycle: a phenomenon known as ‘catamenial epilepsy’. This can beclassifi ed into three types-C1 (perimenstrual catamenial epilepsy), C2 (periovulatorycatamenial epilepsy), and C3 (inadequate luteal catamenial epilepsy). Hormonalcontraception can also affect the control of a seizure as well as the level of someantiepileptic medications, while some anticonvulsive agents can also reduce theeffi cacy of contraceptive pills. There is still limited evidence on the treatment ofcatamenial epilepsy, but a variety of therapeutic regimens can be tried includinghormonal therapy, modifi cation of antiepileptic medication regimen during themenstruation cycle, intermittent benzodiazepine, intermittent acetazolamide, or someinvestigative agents such as neuroactive steroid ganaxolone.

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