Erectile Dysfunction

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Somboon Leungwattanakij, MD


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an important issue in sexual relationships and can affect family and lead to other problems. Hence, ED treatments are widely acceptable with high efficacy rates and with low risks of adverse side effects at the present time. Physicians and healthcare workers should study and understand all mechanisms, history, family environment, underlying diseases for instance DM, hypertension and hypercholesterinemia. A better understanding of these underlying factors may help provide an appropriate consultation. The various treatments on offer include psycho- therapy and sex therapy. Medical therapy, mechanical devices, vascular surgery, combined therapy or others including topical PGE, gene therapy and testosterone are also available. Each case is different and the patient may select one or multiple kinds of treatment, suitable for them, whilst the physician may suggest or give guidelines to patients to help ensure the best clinical outcome.


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