Tolerance to Baked Banana in Adult with Banana Anaphylaxis: A Case Report

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Chamard Wongsa, MD


Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits in the world with enriched nutrients. Although allergy to banana is rare, it can occur in both children and adults with varying clinical presentation ranging from oral allergy syndrome to anaphylaxis. Banana is a complex allergen including both heat labile and heat stable parts of proteins. As far as known, the heat stable allergen or linear epitope in their molecular structure usually plays a significant role in a case of anaphylaxis. Here we report 59-year-old woman who experienced anaphylaxis following the ingestion of raw Pisang awak banana (glûay-nám-wáa). Interestingly, this patient shows substantial evidence of immunoglobulin E (IgE) reactivity to the banana but can tolerate baked banana.


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