Foreign Body in Female Genital Tract

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A74-year old unmarried female presents with the chief complaint of a stinking smell at the pelvic region which isrecognized by her relative and brings her to the hospital. She denied inserting any foreign body into vagina. On examination,she is healthy, no fever, heart and lungs appear normal. No abnormal palpable abdominal mass except stinking smell atthe pelvic region, on pelvic examination there is matted calcified foreign body in vaginal canal and broken salts bar (inhalantbar) (see arrow Fig A), however the residual foreign body remains in the vaginal canal because it could not evacuate all of thematerials. A CT of lower abdomen with and without and IV and contrast enhancement is performed. The images of CT oncoronal and sagittal sections reveal large rounded calcified FB in the uterine cavity measuring attenuation 832-1054 HounsfieldUnits (HU), with rod like appearance hypoattenuation in the center. A salt bar was removed before this picture taken (see arrowsFig C-D). She underwent a total hysterectomy (Fig B). It shows a salts bar embedded in a calcified foreign body. The patientrecovers eventually after the operation without any complication.


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