Handbook of Targeted Cancer Therapy and Immunotherapy

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Potjana Jitawatanarat


The exponential growth of oncology drug development and personalized/targeted therapy in the recent years has presented a challenge to even the most experienced medical oncologist. Targeted therapy and Immunotherapy has been added to the oncologic treatment armamentarium and become increasingly popular in the field of oncology. This handbook provides an easily accessible for reference in the clinic. This book is divided into four core sections. The first section, targeted by organ site provides a concise description of clinical experience with various targeted agent and immunotherapies in an easy table format. The second section, carcinogenesis from the perspective of targeted therapy and immunotherapy, is a primer for cancer researchers. Then the third section, Molecular targets and Pathways, places emphasis on actionable molecular targets. Understanding each of these pathways gives context and rationale for modern cancer drug development. In the fourth section, targeted therapy agents, describes more than 170 drugs mechanism of action, dosing schedule, FDA approval and/or clinical trial investigations, and common toxicities. The handbook can be used in daily practice or as a quick reference guide. It is a work of meticulous dedication, with full credit due to Professor Daniel D. Karp, Dr. Gerald S. Falchook and all the contributors for this exceptional resource.


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