Valacyclovir Non-Oliguric Acute Kidney Injury: a Case Report of 84 Year-Old Female

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Surachai Roongtanapirom,MD


A case of Valacyclovir non-oliguric acute kidney injury presented in an 84-year-old female, who came with worsened consciousness likely from concurrent use of gabapentin and a state of dehydration. Consciousness improved after supportive care and hydration. Valacyclovir dose was reduced and adjusted due to impaired kidney function but creatinine level continued to rise. Only after discontinuation of Valacyclovir did the creatinine level decline continuously. Valacyclovir nephrotoxicity has been reported widely, although it is not common, and can present in all age groups with wide clinical variety and severity. This is another case to increase awareness of Valacyclovir’s possible adverse reactions to alert practitioners whenever the medicine is prescribed.


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