Evaluation of Silicosis Health Literacy among Silica Exposed Workers

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Arisara Chuaypeng, RN, BNS
Narongpon Dumavibhat, MD, PhD
Sitthiphon Bunman, PhD
Pennapa Kaweewongprasert, MD, MPH
Sichon Luerithiphong, MD, MSc
Suntaree Jeejaila, RN, MNS
Wiyachatr Monklang, RN, BNS


OBJECTIVE: This study aims to evaluate silicosis health literacy among silica exposed workers.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: We developed a 10-item of silicosis health literacy questionnaire in 2018. We designed the test to assess the health literacy needed for silica exposed workers. All silica exposed workers who worked in 9 factories in Lampang province were enrolled during October 2018 - January 2019.

RESULTS: A total of 435 silica exposed workers from 9 factories was included in this study. The workers were aged 20 - 70 years, and the mean age was 40.11 ± 9.10 years. 54% were female, while 43.2% worked for over ten years. The silicosis health literacy level improved significantly after intervention in all age groups except for those in the age group ranging 60-69 years. There was no statistical difference in the levels of silicosis health literacy between males and females.

CONCLUSIONS: The study showed that silica exposed workers improved their silicosis health literacy level significantly after intervention. The silicosis health literacy may prevent workers at risk from silicosis in Thailand in the near future.

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Chuaypeng, RN, BNS A, Dumavibhat, MD, PhD N, Bunman, PhD S, Kaweewongprasert, MD, MPH P, Luerithiphong, MD, MSc S, Jeejaila, RN, MNS S, Monklang, RN, BNS W. Evaluation of Silicosis Health Literacy among Silica Exposed Workers. BKK Med J [Internet]. 2021 Feb. 27 [cited 2024 Apr. 25];17(1):24-7. Available from: https://he02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/bkkmedj/article/view/248865
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