Relationship between Knowledge, Attitude, Perception of Self-Protection Skills and Risk Behavior to Pregnancy of Junior High School Students

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Bangorn Sirisakulpaisal
Suparpit von Bormann
Wannaporn Boonpleng
Penrung Kerdsuwan
Sasiya Buapud
Wantana Somnuekprasert


Purpose: To examine relationship between knowledge about sex and risk prevention, attitude towards teenage sexual intercourse and pregnancy, self-protection skills and risk behavior to pregnancy of junior high school students.

Design: Correlational study.

Methods: Samples were 145 Grade 7th-9th students in Nonthaburi province. Measures included the questionnaires of knowledge about sex and risk prevention, attitude towards teenage sexual intercourse and pregnancy, perception of self-protection skills, and risk behavior to pregnancy of teenagers. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Spearman’s correlation coefficient.

Main findings: Both attitude and perception of self-protection skills were significantly and negatively correlated with risk behavior to pregnancy (rs = -.375, p < .001; and rs = -.385, p < .001, respectively). In addition, the attitude was also significantly and positively correlated with the perception of self-protection skills (rs = .361, p < .001).

Conclusion and recommendations: Providing only knowledge about sex and risk prevention may not be adequate to reduce risk behavior to pregnancy of teenagers. Cultivating appropriate attitude towards sexual intercourse and pregnancy and equipping the skills of self-protection should be seriously promoted among teen students to reduce risk behavior to pregnancy.

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Sirisakulpaisal, B., Bormann, S. von, Boonpleng, W., Kerdsuwan, P., Buapud, S., & Somnuekprasert, W. (2018). Relationship between Knowledge, Attitude, Perception of Self-Protection Skills and Risk Behavior to Pregnancy of Junior High School Students. Nursing Science Journal of Thailand, 36(4), 77–86. Retrieved from
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