Factors Associated with Musculoskeletal Function among Persons with Chronic Osteomyelitis

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Pornsinee Tengpanichkul
Natma Thongteratham
Chaturong Pornrattanamaneewong


Purpose: To determine musculoskeletal function and factors associated with musculoskeletal function among persons with chronic osteomyelitis.  

Design: Descriptive research.

Main findings: Persons with chronic osteomyelitis had lower musculoskeletal function scores than those in normal persons. Physical factors (sex and sites of osteomyelitis), treatment factor (consistent follow-up) were significantly associated with musculoskeletal function (p < .05). However, age, cigarette smoking, duration of infection, types of surgery treatment, the numbers of surgery, and pain level had no association with musculoskeletal function.

Conclusion and recommendations: Sex, sites of osteomyelitis and consistent follow-up were associated with musculoskeletal function among persons with chronic osteomyelitis. Therefore, nurses should emphasize on how important the consistent follow-up is. Moreover, other associated factors of musculoskeletal function should be further studied.

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Tengpanichkul, P., Thongteratham, N., & Pornrattanamaneewong, C. . (2020). Factors Associated with Musculoskeletal Function among Persons with Chronic Osteomyelitis. Nursing Science Journal of Thailand, 38(3), 78–86. Retrieved from https://he02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/ns/article/view/243154
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