Results of Project-Based Learning in Co-creation of Innovation Media for Transcultural Nursing

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Weerapong Polnigongit
Nuchamart Gaewgoontol


Purpose: To develop the project-based learning in the co-creation of innovation media for transcultural nursing practices, to evaluate its learning outcomes, and to evaluate the effect of using the innovation media for multicultural patient care.

Design: Pre-experimental research design, one-shot case study.

Methods: Purposive sampling was applied to recruit 24 volunteer nursing students. Data were collected by using questionnaire, learning record form, innovation media evaluation form, and group conversations/discussions. Data analysis included frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and summary of issues.

Main findings: The project-based learning in the co-creation of innovation media for transcultural nursing practices enriched students' knowledge, understanding, and practicing transcultural nursing. The innovation media included flip charts, single-sided leaflets, and trifold leaflets - each contains colorful texts and pictures. The innovation media were in Khmer, Burmese, and Thai. English was also included in the flip chart. These printed media were delivered healthcare services to the migrant workers - Cambodian, Myanmar, and Loa. Furthermore, it was found that the media plays a crucial role as 1) a helping tool for transcultural nursing practice; 2) a fastener on the patient-student understanding; 3) an error protection for delivering healthcare services; and 4) a strengthener of students' self-confidence. The students' assessment on the usage of innovation media for transcultural nursing in real-life situations had a mean of 3.25 (SD = 0.53), which was in a good category range.

Conclusion and recommendations: The project-based learning in the co-creation of innovation media for transcultural nursing practices enriches students' knowledge, understanding, and practicing transcultural nursing as well. It can be applied in other courses, media innovations, and learning contexts. In addition, further studies based on the co-creation of innovation media projects are recommended.

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Polnigongit, W., & Gaewgoontol, N. . (2022). Results of Project-Based Learning in Co-creation of Innovation Media for Transcultural Nursing. Nursing Science Journal of Thailand, 40(4), 1–16. Retrieved from
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