Predictors of Maternal Role Attainment among Adolescent Mothers in Eastern of Thailand

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Piyarat Samantarath
Rachada Phuangprasonka
Noppanath Chumpathat
Onanong Buala
Orasa Siri


Purpose: This research aimed to investigate the predictability of age, persistence in education system, infant birthweight, perceived social support, and pregnancy- and childbearing-related stress on maternal role attainment among adolescent mothers in Eastern of Thailand.

Design: Predictive study.

Methods: Participants were 100 first-time adolescent mothers who visited well baby clinic at community hospitals and sub-district health promoting hospitals in four provinces including Chonburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi, and Trad. Self-report questionnaires were used to collect the data: 1) demographic data 2) pregnancy- and childbearing-related stress and perceived social support questionnaire 3) Maternal Role Attainment Scale - Form B and 4) infant data. Data were analyzed using stepwise method of multiple regression analysis.

Main findings: An average score of maternal role attainment reported by adolescent mothers was 100.82 out of 115 (SD = 11.07). Persistence in education system (gif.latex?\beta = .26, p = .003), perceived social support (gif.latex?\beta = .36, p < .001), pregnancy- and childbearing-related stress (gif.latex?\beta = - .23, p = .011), infant birthweight (gif.latex?\beta = .25, p = .004), and age (gif.latex?\beta = .19, p = .038) could significantly predict maternal role attainment; and all factors could account for 33% of the variances explained in maternal role attainment.

Conclusions and recommendations: Young mother, leaving education system, low or large birthweight infant, lack of social support, perceived pregnancy- or childbearing- related stress are considered as risk factors to the failure of adolescent’s maternal role attainment. Health professionals taking care of this group of mothers should assess such risk factors and then help and support them be confident in performing maternal role that suit to themselves.

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Samantarath, P., Phuangprasonka, R., Chumpathat, N., Buala, O., & Siri, O. (2024). Predictors of Maternal Role Attainment among Adolescent Mothers in Eastern of Thailand. Nursing Science Journal of Thailand, 42(1), 69–83. Retrieved from
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