Good Model of Elderly Care in Urban Community

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Narirat Jitramontree
Vilaivan Thongchareon
Sawitri Thayansin


Purpose: To investigates the good models of elderly care,strategic management in community, and factors contributing toand indicators of good models.

Design: Qualitative study.

Methods: The purposive sampling was used and twocommunities in two urban areas were selected: the communitylock 4-5-6 at Klongtoey District, Bangkok, and the community30 Kunya Patana, Muang District, Nakhornratchasima Province.The data collection included in-dept interview, focus groupdiscussion, and participatory observation. Subjects from eachcommunity included 4 elderly patients, 4 primary caregivers, 4elderly neighbors, 2 health volunteers/ village health volunteers, 1community leader, 1 leader of the senior citizen club, 2 nurses,and 4 villagers. The data were analysed by content analysis andthematic analysis.

Main findings: The good model of elderly care found in thecommunity lock 4-5-6 was the rehabilitation center and in thecommunity 30 Kunya Patana was the effective coordination ofcare giving network. The strategic management for elderly care inthe communities was providing the integrated care of healthservices and social services, the outreach program, and theaccessible services. The facors contributing to good elderly carewere potential of community, good support, and elderly goodmodel. The indicators of good elderly care of community includeactive leader and team working, good support from varioussectors, accessibility to health and social services, andcomprehensive data base of elders in community.

Conclusion and recommendations: The following practices arerecommended for good elderly care of community: improveleadership and team working in community; enhancecoordination of government, private, and community sectors;and develop database of elderly in community.

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