Atraumatic Multilobulated Lateral Meniscal Cysts in Younger Patients: A case report

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Nuttara Wiboonthanasarn, MD
Piyapong Interasampan, MD
Bundit Roongnim, MD


The incidence of meniscal cysts, a relatively rare condition in orthopedics, ranges from 1-8% of cyst cases(1).  A typical meniscal cyst is from 0.3 to 9 mm. in diameter(2). We report on a 32-year-old male patient who presented with swelling and a large, slow growing mass at the anterolateral side of the right knee. Arthroscopic examination was conducted, and debridement was performed with good results and a satisfactory outcome. No complications were detected at 12 months post-surgery.


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Case Report


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