Simultaneous Trapezium Fracture with Bennett’s Fracture-Dislocation: The Report of Closed Reduction and Percutaneous Fixation Technique

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Chaiyos Vinitpairot, MD
Surut Jianmongkol, MD


Simultaneous Bennett’s fracture-dislocation and trapezium fracture is rare. Open reduction of this fracture was usually recommended because of poor outcome of closed technique in previous reports. In this study, we aim to report the technique and result of closed reduction and percutaneous internal fixation of this fracture. The authors present the case of 20-years-old male who injured his base of thumb and trapezium simultaneously. Both Trapezium and Bennett’s fracture were managed by closed reduction and percutaneous fixation. The fracture achieved union at 4th month. Patient returned to pre-injury function at 6 months post-operation, the pinch and grasp were normal. At 12th month post-operation, Kapandji’s score was 10. Selection of the case, trapezium fracture at body and successful reduction by closed manner, is key to success. Closed reduction and percutaneous fixation of simultaneous trapezium and Bennett’s fracture dislocation could produce promising result in selective case.


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