Editor in Chief and managing staff were invited from TCI centre to attend "The 6th Editor’s Workshop" on March 26th, 2019 at the Convention Hall C&D, 1st Fl., Ambassador Hotel, Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok, Thailand. The 6th Editor’s Workshop was jointly organized​by the Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre (TCI), the Thailand Research Fund (TRF), Scopus and NECTEC.

          The workshop "Success, Lessons Leaned and Challenges of Pilot Project on Thai and ASEAN Journals for Indexing in Scopus in Year 1-2" aims to reflect on the success, challenges and lesson learned from the first year of running the pilot project under the TCI-TRF-Scopus Collaboration Project  scheme to certain Thai Editors. 

          Editorial team in the project TCI-TRF-Scopus Collaboration Project, more than 50 journals and Local Board for Thailand, attended by a total of 150 participants With the goal of bringing 40 Thai journals into the Scopus database in 2017-2020 and 23 journals in the project already submitt to Scopus.