Successful Conservative Treatment for Large Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy

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Pranom Buppasiri
Lingling Salang
Anucha Ahooja
Chumnan Kietpeerakool


A rare case of cervical ectopic pregnancy presented with vaginal bleeding. Pelvic examination revealed large soft bluish mass at the posterior lip of the cervix. Transvaginal ultrasound showed a cervical mass with a gestational sac and 7-mm fetal echo without cardiac motion. Initial serum beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) was 29,489 mIU/ml. A two-dose regimen of methotrexate was intramuscularly administered. Bilateral uterine artery embolization was performed on day 14 due to heavy bleeding. One week later, sharp curettage at the cervical implantation site was carried out again because of re-massive bleeding. After discharge, serum beta-hCG levels were normal on day 45. Pathological study confirmed the clinical diagnosis of cervical ectopic pregnancy.


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