Sublingual Misoprostol for Unsatisfactory Colposcopic Finding: A randomized controlled trial

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Sasitorn Wongart
Maleechat Sripipattanakul
Thumwadee Tangsiriwatthana
Sukanda Mahaweerawat


Objective: To assess the effectiveness of 200 µg sublingual misoprostol for converting an unsatisfactory to satisfactory colposcopic finding.

Materials and methods: Forty-two participants with abnormal cervical cytology and unsatisfactory colposcopic finding who underwent colposcopy between September 2016 and June 2017 were randomized into two groups; either misoprostol or placebo given sublingually. Second a colposcopy was performed 2 hours later, and the conversion rate of unsatisfactory to satisfactory colposcopic finding of both groups was analyzed.

Results: Baseline characteristics were similar between two groups. Conversion rate of unsatisfactory to satisfactory colposcopic finding in participants who received sublingual misoprostol was statistically significant higher than placebo group ( 80.9% VS 38.1%, p = 0.011, RR = 2.1, 95% CI 1.18-3.80). There was no significant difference in adverse effect between groups.

Conclusion: Two hundred micrograms of sublingual misoprostol, 2 hours before performing colposcopy can convert an unsatisfactory finding to a satisfactory one.

Keywords:  unsatisfactory colposcopy, abnormal pap smear, sublingual misoprostol


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