Development of the transfer emergency patients with Critical Model Natan Hospital in Natan District, Ubon Ratchathani Province


  • Juckrapong Pitichokphokin Natan Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani Province
  • Patcharee Amorasin Natan Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani Province
  • Sukanya Sasaeng Natan Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani Province
  • Saichol Chinnakatam Natan Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani Province


model, transfer, emergency patients with critical


Natan Hospital away from Sunpasittiprasong Hospital 105 kilometers, the Model transfer & referral is advanced and basic from the data for year 2015-2016, transfer the emergency patients with critical 432 and 400 patients. The care quality was 87.31% and 92.5% (standard more than 98%), there were 3 deaths during transfer, Transfer was found  that  the equipment on  hospital Ambulance is not  enough and  not  ready to use in percentage of 12.25, there is no form to forward the guidelines explicitly, then study this to develop  and evaluation of the development  of  critical care and transmission  the patient emergency critical of Natan Hospital. This Action research The purpose is to study this to develop  and evaluation of the development  of the Transfer Emergency Patients with Critical Model Natan Hospital , Ubon Ratchathani Province with apply of Stetler Model purposive sampling is nurse , medicine emergency 30 persons, during study from February 2017-December 2017, Quantitative and qualitative data were collected using mixed methods, Quantitative data were analyzed with descriptive statistics and paired t-test ; and content analysis was performed for quantitative data obtained from literature review and observations, The content validity was verified by 5 nursing professors and validity using Cronbach's alpha coefficient.

              The study result was found that the two-cycle ,the  Emergency patients with critical model was form of Mobile ICU (Mobile ICU) by form including (1) The training of Nursing care for Emergency patients with critical (2)Specify team of Mobile ICU assignments(3) Indicator to use ambulance and nursing (4)Provided equipment and ambulance for 3 Mobile ICU, including Real Time Telemedicine for monitor (5)Transfer center (6) Define procedures for Transfer for 3 phases emergency patients were: 1)prepare transfer 2)Care of patients during transfer3)post-transfer, Mobile ICU was used for the transfer of emergency patients critical 450 cases. It was found quality care was 98.50% (before develop 92.5%) having experienced nurse team and trained the care of critical patients, care and transfer of the patients in the condition of stable and the most of safety not die during transfer. Individual and relative satisfied to the form was percentage of 97.14 when compared to different of mean scores knowledge and skill transfer before and after develop, was found that the mean scores of knowledge and skills after development were significantly higher than before development at .05 level suggestion is to develop guidelines for care of specific critical patients for better practices and good outcomes in the future


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