The study of prevalence and genetic diversity of the env gene of Bovine leukemia virus in dairy cattle in Chiang Mai province

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Prayuth Saekhow
Wasana Chaisri


Bovine leukemia virus (BLV) is the causative agent of bovine enzootic leukemia. This disease is an economic importance of disease losses in cattle worldwide. The present study investigated the prevalence and genetic diversity of the env gene of BLV in dairy cattle. Polymerase chain reaction revealed the prevalent as 34.2% (41/120). The phylogenetic analysis of nucleotide sequences of env gene of 20 out of 41 positive samples showed 11 samples were designated as genotype G10, 7 samples were genotype G1, one sample was genotype G6 and one sample was undesignated genotype. According to results of this study, the results showed prevalence and genotypic distribution of BLV in dairy cattle in Chiang Mai. This information would be an advantage for the planning disease control in the future.

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Saekhow, P., & Chaisri, W. (2017). The study of prevalence and genetic diversity of the env gene of Bovine leukemia virus in dairy cattle in Chiang Mai province. Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 15(1), 37–49. Retrieved from
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