A survey on blood parasites of birds in Chiang Mai province

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Nithidol Buranapim
Pariya Chaiwisit
Attawit Wangkawan
Saruda Tiwananthagorn


Blood parasites are one of the most important bird diseases. Although, it is not the main reason that causes death in birds, it interferes with vital body function. This study providedthe occurrence of blood parasites in birds in Chiang maiProvince. Blood samples were collected from the 111 birds: red-backed sea eagle 1.8%,rock dove 46.8%, red junglefowl 12.6%, spotted wood-owl 0.9%, pheasant 11.7%, peafowl 1.8%, purple swamphen 0.9%, spotted dove 0.9%, common myna 2.7%, tree sparrow 5.4%, red-whiskered bulbul 11.7% and spotted owlet 2.7%.Blood was drawn from the brachial wing vein, stored in capillary tubes and excess blood was stored in EDTA microcentrifuge tubes. Samples were centrifuged to evaluate Packed cell volume (PCV) and Woo’s technique was performed. To identify other blood parasites, thin blood smear was created, stained with Giemsa’s stain and observed under all microscopic magnifications. From 111 samples, 54 samples were positive (48.65%). 18 samples were positive for more than one species of blood parasites. Four group of blood parasites were detected: Microfilaria 35.14% (39/111),Haemoproteusspp. 17.12% (19/111), Leucocytozoonspp. 8.11% (9/111), and Trypanosomaspp. 4.50% (5/111). Birds that are positive to blood parasites can have normal PCV and low PCV values. They might appear to be as healthy as normal birds and therefore act as a carrier. Vector-borne parasites should be study in the future to understand blood parasite distribution.

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Buranapim, N., Chaiwisit, P., Wangkawan, A., & Tiwananthagorn, S. (2019). A survey on blood parasites of birds in Chiang Mai province. Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 17(1), 65–73. Retrieved from https://he02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/vis/article/view/150097
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