The effect of semen collection interval on quality in frozen bull semen production

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Sirirat Kanthiya
Primprao Jitborisutthipong
Sorn Teepatimakorn
Veerasak Punyapormwithaya
Junya Ito
Anucha Sathanawongs


Semen collection management is affected on semen quality of bulls. The objective of this study was to compare time interval of semen collection on fresh and frozen-thawed semen quality. The semen was collected from six Holstein Friesian bulls and Charolais bulls by using artificial vagina. The whole semen was divided into 2 groups; group 1: 5-day collection interval and group 2: 2-day collection interval. The fresh and frozen-thawed semen were evaluated the semen quality under microscopic examination. The results of fresh semen had shown that 5-day collection interval group had significant higher semen volume and concentration than 2-day collection interval group (P<0.01). Furthermore, the semen qualities of frozen-thawed semen had shown that 5-day collection interval group had functional membrane integrity better than 2-day collection interval group (P<0.01). In conclusion, a long-time semen collection interval might be better with respect to semen volume, semen concentration and functional integrity of sperm membrane than that a short-time semen collection interval.

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Kanthiya, S. ., Jitborisutthipong, P. ., Teepatimakorn, S. ., Punyapormwithaya, V. ., Ito, J. ., & Sathanawongs, A. (2020). The effect of semen collection interval on quality in frozen bull semen production. Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 18(1), 53–60. Retrieved from
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