Tube-like preputial mucosa urethrostomy for correction of urethrorectal fistula in a young male cat

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Nut Danpanang
Wanchart Yippaditr


A 10-month-old cat exhibited simultaneously penile urethra obstruction and rectourethral fistula. The pubic osteotomy was a method to approach the fistula to locate the pelvic urethra opening into the rectum. Surgical correction consisted of ligation and cutting of the urethra connecting to the rectum, and a primary suture to connect the urethra to prepuce for a new opening. The tomcat catheter was placed in the urethra for a ten days-period. Ten days after the surgery, the cat was transferred to have urethrography to examine the lumen of the defective urethra, and the result showed no sign of urine leakage and stricture. After the catheter removal, the cat could urinate normally, and there was no sign of complications during urination, and no urine coming from the rectum found. In brief, this case report describes a successful urethral reconstruction for repairing the urethrorectal fistula by primary suture connecting the urethra with prepuce mucosa.

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Danpanang, N., & Yippaditr, W. (2020). Tube-like preputial mucosa urethrostomy for correction of urethrorectal fistula in a young male cat: Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 19(1), 45–50. Retrieved from
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