Trend and seasonality analysis of milk production from dairy cooperatives in Chiang Mai

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Veerasak Punyapornwithaya
Kunnanut Klaharn
Chalutwan Sansamur
Warangkana Kitpipit


Analysis of trend and seasonality for production data is essential for establishing planning and strategy for future marketing. The aims of this study were 1) to determine the trend and seasonality of milk production and 2) to compare the quantity of milk among dairy cooperatives in Chiang Mai. Monthly milk production data from 7 dairy cooperatives and a company collected during 2016-2020 were analyzed for trend and seasonality using time series methods. Overall milk productions in 2019 was compared among dairy cooperative using a general linear mixed model. Results showed that most of the dairy cooperatives showed an increasing trend for milk production. The milk productions from all dairy cooperatives had a similar seasonality pattern as the highest milk production was found in the period of March to May. Among dairy cooperative, Chaiprakarn was the top rank in milk production (2581.73±50.46 tons/month). This study provided essential information for dairy cooperative boards, government sectors, private sectors, and other stakeholders to plan and manage the amount of milk in the future.

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Punyapornwithaya, V., Klaharn, K., Sansamur, C., & Kitpipit, W. (2020). Trend and seasonality analysis of milk production from dairy cooperatives in Chiang Mai : Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 19(1), 101–110. Retrieved from
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