Nutritional values and nutrient digestibility of ground perilla cake (Perilla frutescens) in growing pig diets

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Chanmany Souphannavong
Chaiwat Arjin
Apinya Sartsook
Thanchanok Yosen
Marninphan Thongkham
Mintra Seel-audom
Supamit Mekchay
Korawan Sringarm


This study determined the nutritional values of ground perilla cake (GPC) and the potential for dietary supplementation in growing pigs based on in vitro ileal digestibility (IVID) and apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD). The IVID evaluated at four dietary supplementation levels: 0, 5, 10, and 20%. The ATTD was measured by using twenty-four grower crossbred pigs. Pigs were randomly assigned to three dietary supplementation levels (0, 5, and 10%). From these analytical results, GPC raw material contained crude protein (CP) content (31.54%). That total essential amino acid (EAA) was 138.34 mg/g, mainly leucine (28.87 mg/g), and contained notably limiting amino acids for pigs, such as lysine (19.52 mg/g) and methionine (10.94 mg/g). The ether extract content (EE) was 10.52%, and the major free fatty acid (FFA) was linolenic acid (C18:3n3; 55.97%) and the fat-soluble vitamins included γ-tocopherol (367.25 μg/100g). In addition, GPC contained minerals such as phosphorus (1.02%), potassium (0.83%), calcium (0.46%), and iron. However, crude fiber (CF) had a notably high content (24.43%). Increasing GPC levels in pig diets reduced the IVID of dry matter (DM), EE, and CF (P<0.05), especially the 20% GPC supplement. The IVID of the CP did not differ among the groups. Furthermore, the results for the ATTD of the CP and EE in the 5% GPC supplement group were significantly better than that of the other groups (P˂0.05). We found the potential of GPC as an alternative protein source. Moreover, it contained high energy and polyunsaturated fatty acid

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Souphannavong, C. ., Arjin, C. ., Sartsook, A. ., Yosen, T. ., Thongkham, M. ., Seel-audom, M. ., Mekchay, S. ., & Sringarm, K. . (2021). Nutritional values and nutrient digestibility of ground perilla cake (Perilla frutescens) in growing pig diets: Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 19(3), 423–438. Retrieved from
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