Superovulatory responses based on ovarian sizes after superstimulation in Thai-Holstein crossbred dairy cows

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Rujira Chumchai
Thanaporn Ratsiri
Ruthaiporn Ratchamak
Wuttigrai Boonkum
Vibuntita Chankitisakul


This study was designed (1) to examine the relationship between ovary sides/sizes after superstimulation treatment and ovulatory responses in terms of large follicles, corpora lutea (CLs) numbers, and ovulation rate; and (2) to evaluate the coefficient of determination (R2) as a tool to predict the subsequent superovulatory responses by ovary sizes after superstimulation treatment in the Thai-Holstein crossbreed dairy cows. Data included 33 records from 12 superovulated Thai Holstein crossbreds. Cows were estrus synchronized on day 0 and superstimulated with 400 mg of FSH with decreasing doses twice daily for 4 days. After superovulatory treatment (day 9), the sizes of ovaries were measured and divided into 3 groups by quarters according to the ovarian sizes. Group A (< 816 mm2) ovaries were 25% smaller and group C (> 1449 mm2) ovaries were 25% larger than group B ovaries (816–1449 mm2). On day 9 and 16, there were no significant differences in the average ovary area (p > 0.05). The numbers of large follicles and CLs of group B and C were greater than those of group A (p < 0.05). The ovulation rate did not differ among groups (p > 0.05). The moderate R2 score between ovary size after superovulatory treatment and the numbers of dominant follicles and CLs were calculated (R2 = 0.445 and 0.370, p <0.05) while the beta coefficient (b-value) was positive for both observation parameters. In conclusion, the numbers of large follicles and CLs related to the size of ovaries after superovulation treatment. The moderate R2 score obtained in this study could be indicative of the limited possibility for using ovary size after superovulatory treatment for predicting superovulatory responses.

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Chumchai, R. ., Ratsiri, T. ., Ratchamak, R. ., Boonkum, W. ., & Chankitisakul, V. . (2021). Superovulatory responses based on ovarian sizes after superstimulation in Thai-Holstein crossbred dairy cows: Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 20(1), 49–59. Retrieved from
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