Morphometric traits with reproduction and production performances of indigenous and exotic sheep breeds of Bangladesh

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Mohammad Asaduzzaman
Amit Saha
Md Asaduzzaman Jemy
Pallab Kumar Datta
Mohammad Golam Shahi Alam
Farida Yeasmin Bari


The purpose of this study was to review the existing literature on some important morphological traits associated with reproductive and productive performance in Bangladeshi indigenous and exotic cross sheep. Sheep as small ruminants are essential parts of the crop-livestock of the mixed agricultural farming system playing a crucial role in the livelihood of smallholders in Bangladesh. They are considered risk averters for farmers in a family crisis and seasonal needs through quick sale by direct cash income. Furthermore, their physical products have socio-economic, cultural, and nutritional values: meat, milk, skin, manure, etc. In the past, a number of researchers investigated the relationship between morphometric features and reproductive and productive performance of the referred sheep. Any compilation report is yet not available. Therefore, an update database on Bangladeshi indigenous and exotic cross-breed sheep is required to identify for management and production strategy program. This paper reviewed, discussed, summarized, and compared all articles on morphometric traits and the reproductive and productive performances of sheep in Bangladesh.


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Asaduzzaman, M. ., Saha, A. ., Asaduzzaman Jemy, M. ., Kumar Datta, P. ., Golam Shahi Alam, M. ., & Yeasmin Bari, F. . (2022). Morphometric traits with reproduction and production performances of indigenous and exotic sheep breeds of Bangladesh: Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 20(1), 163–184. Retrieved from
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