Association of FTH and EPOR gene polymorphisms with litter size traits in pigs

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Supamit Mekchay
Worrarak Norseeda
Nanthana Pothakam
Guisheng Liu
Tawatchai Teltathum
Korawan Sringarm
Watcharapong Naraballobh
Trisadee Khamlor
Patcharin Krutmuang


Ferritin heavy chain (FTH) and erythropoietin receptor (EPOR) are responsible for the iron homeostasis and the erythropoiesis that correlate to the reproductive systems. This study aimed to examine an association of the porcine FTH and EPOR genes with litter size traits in Large White and Landrace pigs. The porcine FTH g.9537834G > A was significantly associated with the total number born (TNB) trait in these pig populations (p < 0.05). The porcine FTH g.9537855T > C was significantly associated with the TNB trait in Large White sows (p < 0.05) as well as the TNB and the number of birth alive (NBA) traits in Landrace sows (p < 0.05). The porcine EPOR g.70066473C > T was significantly associated with the TNB trait in Large White sows (p < 0.05) as well as the TNB, NBA, and the number of piglets weaned alive (NWA) traits in Landrace sows (p < 0.05). Moreover, the accumulated favorable alleles of these three SNPs were increasingly associated with TNB trait in Large White sows (p < 0.05) and TNB, NBA, and NWA traits in Landrace sows (p < 0.05). These findings suggest that porcine FTH and EPOR genes may contribute to the reproductive processes of pigs with regards to litter size and confirm the importance of these genes as candidate genes for improving litter size in pigs

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Mekchay, S. ., Norseeda, W. ., Pothakam, N. ., Liu, G. ., Teltathum, T. ., Sringarm, K. ., Naraballobh, W. ., Khamlor, T. ., & Krutmuang, P. . (2022). Association of FTH and EPOR gene polymorphisms with litter size traits in pigs : Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 20(2), 291–308. Retrieved from
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