Surgical interventions of udder and teat affections in dairy cows

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Mohammad Raguib Munif
Moinul Hasan
Md. Rafiqul Alam


Various udder and teat affections are most common in high yielding dairy cows which cause huge economic loss to the dairy sectors. This study focuses on the surgical affections of udder and teat in dairy cows to restore the moderate productive performance as well as the morphology of udder and teat through feasible surgical procedures. Fifty-four dairy cows with various surgical affections of udder and teat were experimented. The amounts of milk yield (litre/day), and the morphology of udder (symmetry of quarters and circumference) and teat (size, shape and height) were recorded just before and after 45 days of the relevant surgical approaches to evaluate the changes. The surgical affections included mostly the teat laceration and fistulae (12.96%), moderately the teat sores, udder abscess, gangrenous teat, papilloma of teat and udder; whereas teat canal polyps, gangrenous udder and caseous lump in udder were less frequent (5.56%)individual cases among the selected dairy cows. After surgical interventions, the milk yield (litre/day) was significantly (P<0.01) increased along with the positive significant (P<0.01) changes in the morphology of udder and teat of the affected cows. Thus, the surgical managements highly impacted on the improvement of the affected udder and teat in the dairy cattle maintaining their productive performances.


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Raguib Munif, M. ., Hasan, M. ., & Rafiqul Alam, M. . (2022). Surgical interventions of udder and teat affections in dairy cows: Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 20(2), 317–330. Retrieved from
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