The Use of Medicinal Plants in Avian Colibacillosis Management: A Review

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Muhammad Ali Imran Mohamed Kamil
Luqman Abu-Bakar
Mohd Farhan Hanif Reduan
Intan Noor Aina Kamaruzaman
Siti Nor Azizah Mahamud
Amirul Faiz Mohd Azmi
Mohammad Sabri Abdul Rahman
Muhammad Luqman Nordin
Rumaizi Shaari
Sandie Choong Siew Shean


Avian colibacillosis is regarded as one of the most severe bacterial diseases in the poultry industry worldwide. Due to the emerging antimicrobial resistance issue in isolated E. coli from poultry sources, the application of medicinal plants to treat colibacillosis is widely being studied due to the presence of the respective bioactive compounds. This article reviewed studies between the year 2016 to 2022 that used medicinal plants as avian colibacillosis treatment in in-vitro and in-vivo studies. The review provided insights to the readers regarding the type of plants used, the form of treatments and outcomes of previous experiments. A better understanding of the information addressed in this review article helps poultry researchers and industry to explore the potential of various medicinal plants in managing, reducing, and eliminating avian colibacillosis from poultry flocks.

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Muhammad Ali Imran Mohamed Kamil, Luqman Abu-Bakar, Mohd Farhan Hanif Reduan, Intan Noor Aina Kamaruzaman, Siti Nor Azizah Mahamud, Amirul Faiz Mohd Azmi, Mohammad Sabri Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Luqman Nordin, Rumaizi Shaari, & Sandie Choong Siew Shean. (2023). The Use of Medicinal Plants in Avian Colibacillosis Management: A Review: Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 21(2), 507–522. Retrieved from
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