Effects of L-serine administration on meat quality, characteristics and mineral content of tibia bone in heat-stressed broiler https://doi.org/10.12982/VIS.2023.011

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Ngozi Ejum Ogbuagu
Joseph Olusegun Ayo


in heat-stressed broiler chickens. One hundred and twenty broiler chicks were allocated into four groups of 30 each. Group A (feed restriction), Group B (feed restriction + L-serine), Group C (ad libitum) and Group D (ad libitum + L-serine). Feed restriction (20%) was implemented on days 7–14, and L-serine (200 mg/kg) was provided orally from days 1–14. Seven broiler chickens were slaughtered from each group at 35 days old to determine meat drip loss, cooking loss and pH; and tibia bone weight, length, diameter, weight/length index, robusticity index, strength and proximate analysis. Serum samples were harvested for the determination of calcium and phosphorus concentrations. Temperature-humidity index in the pen (28.72 - 32.90) was above the thermoneutral zone indicating heat stress. The drip loss and cooking loss were lower in FR + L-serine and AL + L-serine groups compared to the controls. The tibia bone weight, length, weight/length index and breaking force were higher (P < 0.05) in FR + L-serine and AL + L-serine groups compared to the controls. The percentage composition of ash, calcium and phosphorus was relatively high in L-serine-administered groups. In conclusion, L-serine improved meat quality and tibia bone characteristics in broiler chickens exposed to heat stress

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Ejum Ogbuagu, N. ., & Olusegun Ayo, J. . (2023). Effects of L-serine administration on meat quality, characteristics and mineral content of tibia bone in heat-stressed broiler: https://doi.org/10.12982/VIS.2023.011. Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 21(1). Retrieved from https://he02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/vis/article/view/260912
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