First evidence of sea lice (Caligus fugu) infestation in captive map pufferfish in Thailand: Case report

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Surapong Banchongmanee
Pathompong Jongjit
Araya Boonkasemsanti
Patcharaporn Kaewmong
Thanakrit Patcharawatin
Sasisophin Chailangkarn
Duanghatai Sripakdee
Surachai Pikulkaew
Boondarika Nambooppha


A captive map pufferfish from Phuket Sea region presented with abnormal posture of swimming and breathing. The veterinarian found ectoparasites on the puffer’s fins and skin. With the morphology under stereomicroscope, Caligus fugu was identified. With previously limited information, this report introduced the first evidence of C. fugu infestation in map pufferfish, Thailand. The puffer was successfully treated with 0.0075% hydrogen peroxide against adult C. fugu with negative for parasitic organisms. The importance of ectoparasites in aquaculture, especially in aquariums should be considered. In addition, we encourage further studies of genetic diversity and also seasonal occurrence of genus Caligus in Thailand to fulfill the understanding of the epidemiological factors of this pathogen.

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Banchongmanee, S. ., Jongjit, P. ., Boonkasemsanti, A. ., Kaewmong, P., Patcharawatin, T. ., Chailangkarn, S. ., Sripakdee, D. ., Pikulkaew, S. ., & Nambooppha, B. . (2023). First evidence of sea lice (Caligus fugu) infestation in captive map pufferfish in Thailand: Case report: Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 21(3), 891–898. Retrieved from
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