Spatial Analysis of Bovine Anaplasmosis in Jambi Province, Indonesia: 2018-2022

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Sarwo Edy Wibowo
Morsid Andityas
Dian Meididewi Nuraini
Yudhi Ratna Nugraheni
Aan Awaludin
Pudji Rahayu
Anie Insulistyowati


Bovine anaplasmosis causes economic loss in many countries, such as Indonesia. In some provinces of Indonesia such as Jambi Provinces, cattle are one of the most important commodities, but the information on bovine anaplasmosis pattern in Jambi province is limited. This study aimed to analyze the spatial pattern and spatial autocorrelation of bovine anaplasmosis from 2018-2022 in Jambi province. The data was retrieved from active and passive surveys comprising 5,612 blood samples from eleven districts in Jambi Provinces. The blood samples were subjected for detection of Anaplasma sp. using the blood smear technique. The data were analyzed using statistical and spatial analyses in R software v.4.3.1. The results of statistical analysis showed that the incidence of bovine anaplasmosis in 2018-2022 was 16.66%, with a fluctuating pattern along the year. Among the districts, the highest incidence was found in Kerinci District (22.30%), while the lowest was presented in Kota Jambi (13.60%). A higher bovine anaplasmosis incidence was found in rainy season than dry season (median 18.2% vs 10.3%, respectively) (p=0.01). The global Moran’s I showed no significant difference in bovine anaplasmosis incidence, indicating a random pattern in the overall study period. The LISA Moran’s I identified 17 high-high clusters, 9 high-low clusters, 12 low-high clusters, and 12 low-low clusters. In conclusion, the bovine anaplasmosis incidence in Jambi Province fluctuated in 2018-2022, with a higher incidence in rainy season. The spatial analysis indicates an even distribution of the disease between eleven districts in Jambi Province. Further study and a control and prevention strategy are suggested to reduce the incidence of bovine anaplasmosis in Jambi Province.

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Wibowo, S. E. ., Andityas, M., Nuraini, D. M., Zurbein, Nugraheni, Y. R. ., Awaludin, A., Rahayu, P., & Insulistyowati, A. (2024). Spatial Analysis of Bovine Anaplasmosis in Jambi Province, Indonesia: 2018-2022: Veterinary Integrative Sciences, 22(3), 857–869. Retrieved from
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