Effects of the Self-Efficacy Enhancement Program on Fall Prevention among the Elderly in Autong District, Suphanburi Province.


  • Tedniyom T, Maharachpong N, Kijpreedarborisuthi B, Sakulkim S


Self-efficacy, Fall prevention, Elderly


This Quasi-Experimental research aimed to study the effects of self-efficacy enhancement program on the prevention of falls among elderly. The samples of 57 were divided into 2 groups; an experimental group of 28 samples and a comparison group of 29 samples. The effects were evaluated before and after trial. The experimental group received the program created by applying self-efficacy theory. Activities in the program included lectures, group activities, demonstration, practice, and learning from the models conducted 7 weeks. Data was collected using questionnaires. General data was analyzed using descriptive statistics including frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation while Paired Sample t-test and Independent t-test were used for a comparison at a statistical significance level of 0.05. After trial, the experimental group had an average score of self-efficacy, outcome expectation and prevention of fall higher than before trial and the comparison group significantly (p <0.001).


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