Effect of Guidelines of Quality and Safety at Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in Prasat Neurological Institute


  • Borisut S, Bunyarak P, Noppornprom C.


Guidelines, Quality and safety, Epilepsy, Epilepsy monitoring unit


This research study aimed to: 1) develop guidelines of quality and safety at Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. 2)evaluate knowledge and the satisfaction in the use of guidelines of quality and safety in Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. Using the framework the model PDCA 4 steps 1) Planning 2) Do 3) Check and 4) Act. Targets: 46 registered nurses who have willing to sample and have experience working with epilepsy patients for more than one year were selected criteria for this study at Prasat Neurological Institute. Methods tools used in this study were 1) a report on the risk / adverse event of quality and safety in Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, 2) interviewing nurses 3) the assessment guidelines of quality and safety in Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and collect data to measure knowledge, evaluation of the practice and questionnaires used to assess satisfaction which were all the tools to examine by content validity index and reliability. Data was analyzed by content analysis, frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and paired t-test. The results showed that 1) nurses got post learning score higher than pre learning significant p<0.05. 2) all most of nurses using practice guidelines quality and safety100% 3) The nurses have satisfaction in guidelines quality and safety model and have willing to take action to overall high level (gif.latex?\bar{}= 4.48,SD.= 0.59)


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