The Development of Nursing Service Model for Patients Undergoing Anesthesia in One Day Surgery (ODS) at Buriram Hospital


  • Wilawan Asawasudsakorn, B.N.S. Buriram Hospital
  • Monthichar Chenphanitsub, Ph.D. Buriram Provincial Public Health Office
  • Supawan Kaewampai, M.P.H. Buriram Provincial Public Health Office
  • Chaowat Pimratana, M.D. Buriram Hospital


Care service model, Anesthesia, One day surgery (ODS)


Background: In undergoing One Day Surgery (ODS), patients are required to be provided with anesthesia. Therefore, selection of an appropriate anesthesia practice and surgical procedure are essential.Objectives: To develop a care service model and to examine the effects of the developed model.Methods: This research and development study was conducted between December 2018 and September 2020. The study was divided into five steps. The first step, was to study and analyze the problems based on the Six Building Blocks, then the model was developed according to system theory in the second step. The third step involved a trial of the developed model and the fourth step was to evaluate and improve the model. Finally, the model was implemented, followed up, and evaluated. The participants consisted of 40 service providers and 284 One Day Surgery (ODS) patients. The instruments used to collect the data were interview, preoperative evaluation form, Intraoperative evaluation form, postoperative evaluation form, follow-up form within 24 hours after discharge and satisfaction survey form. The data were gathered from the interview, brainstorming and focus group. Quantitative data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and qualitative data were analyzed by using content analysis.Results: The developed care service model was a modification of the anesthesia service in which Pre-Anesthesia Care Units (PACU) was established by anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists as well as One Day Surgery (ODS) ward. Moreover, it was found that the ability to perform One Day Surgery (ODS) increased from 12 to 284 patients with anesthesia complications decreased to 25.70 percent. In addition, patient tracking system within 24 hours after discharge was added and the patients had a very high satisfaction towards the service.Conclusion: The developed model can be able to control the patients’ condition, reduce complications and also allow the patients to be discharged safely.


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