Quality of life in breast cancer patient receiving chemotherapy in Suratthani cancer hospital.


  • อุไรวรรณ ศุภศิลป์ Suratthani Hospital


Quality of life, Breast cancer patient, Chemotherapy


              This study is cross sectional descriptive research. The purpose is to study the quality of life of breast cancer patients who receiving chemotherapy at the Suratthani Cancer Hospital. The samples are 105 cases of breast cancer patients who receive chemotherapy and were drawn by purposive sampling at the
Cancer Hospital of Suratthani. The research instrument used was a questionnaire of quality of life of the World Health Organization Thai version. Contains 2 parts, The personal data of breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Questions include closed end and open end 8 items respectively. Measurement of quality of life and the question is a rating scale (Likert ‘s scales) 5 levels of 26 items. The elements of quality of life 4 aspects of body, psychological, social relationships and the environment. The data were analyzed by experts and testing the reliability of the instrument was 0.84. Data were collected during September and October, 2017 BE. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics include percentage, mean and standard deviation.
             The almost of subjects were aged 50 - 59 years (36.20 %), married status (78.10 %), elementary education (56.20 %), Buddhist (86.70 %), Income per month less than 5000 baths (30.50 %), duration of illness under 2 year (72.40 %), Almost of subject had hypertension (25.70 %) and breast cancer stage 2 (47.60 %). The quality of life in breast cancer patient receiving chemotherapy in suratthani cancer hospital were poor level and good lever (46.70 and 53.30 % respectively).
              Research suggests that the quality of life should be promoting breast cancer patients. to encourage breast cancer patients a better quality of life. By organizing a focus on nursing patients with personal performance, in planning individual patient distribution by basic health care is provided and supposed to the education experiences hygiene alms and establish There should be a trial to provide basic health care and education, the establishment of
groups of friends helping friends in breast cancer patients who receive chemotherapy.


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